Tuesday, November 18, 2014

NEW Winter Hours

New Winter Hours:

10 am - 6 pm Tue, Wed, Friday
10 am - 3 pm Saturday

CLOSED Monday & Thursday

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Vespa GTS 300ie Super Sport Satin Black 2012 Fall Sale

Fall Sale Special $5499.00*
*** Taxs, Tags, Freight $350 and Assembley $75 Not Included *** 

Satin Black Vespa GTS 300 i.e. Super Sport 2012
$6,199 msrp

2013-14 went to a Limited Edition SE $6,399 msrp. Why pay more when you can get the same scooter for less???

Experience the fuel injected engine, beautiful matte black paint, sport piping on the seat, and estimated 65-70 miles per gallon.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

This winter don't wait for a blizzard to get your UTV or ATV hooked up with a snow plow system! Moto Strada can help you find the right plow for you and your vehicle.

Pictured above– The owner of Moto Strada plowing the snow at his home, where his wife Teresa boards horses and works with individuals with special needs through her equine assisted learning facility, Calm Acres at Meadow Creek Farm.

When purchasing a snow plow system there are four key components you'll need to get going:

1. Plow Blade- This is what actually pushes and moves and the snow. Blades are available in a range of sizes and in steel or poly construction.

  • A steel blade has the strongest downforce for scraping up snow. 
  • However, a poly blade won't scratch or rust and is lighter making it easier to move and store for warmer weather. You'll also find wet snow will not stick as heavily to a poly blade as a steel one. 
  • Whether you go with steel or poly, both come with a replaceable bolt-on steel wear bar. 
  • Blades also come in a variety of sizes from 48" all the way up to 72". A small blade will be ideal for jobs like clearing the sidewalk, while a 50"-60" blade would be best for a larger area like a driveway. 
  • It is recommended that whatever blade you choose should not exceed the width of the vehicle you're attaching it to.
2. Push Tube- The plow blade attaches to the push tube. Push tubes are generally universal so one push tube will work with many different blades and models of ATVs and UTVs.

3. Mounting Bracket- The mounting bracket attaches your push tube/plow blade system to your vehicle. It is a model-specific part so when ordering, make sure you specify the make/model/year/CCs of your ATV or UTV. Many ATV/UTVs can use an adjustable "All-Mount" bracket, but be sure to double check if this will work on your vehicle or if you need a more model-specific mounting kit.

4. Winch or Manual Lift Kit- To operate the entire system you will need either a winch or a maunal lift kit. 
  • Unless your job is quite small, we recommend a winch for its practicality and ease of use. 
  • Manual Lift Kits are cheaper but require physical strength to operate and can be cumbersome, taking a hand away from the vehicle to operate them.
  • Winches are priced very competitively and well-worth the extra cost. A winch is controlled by a thumb toggle, letting you still use both hands to control the vehicle and requiring no manual labor. Winches are also multi-functional, if your ATV or UTV ever gets stuck a winch can help you tow the vehicle out. Winches come in various sizes depending on the weight of your UTV/ATV and what kind of carrying capacity you're looking for. 

  • Blades: 
    • Steel blades:
      • $199.95 for a 48" blade
      • $229.95 for a 52" or 54" blade
      • $259.95 for a 60" blade
      • $339.95 for a 72" blade. 
    • Poly blades: 
      • $219.95 for a 52" blade
      • $319.95 for a 60" blade
      • $359.95 for a 66" blade
      • $399.95 for a 72" blade.
  • Push Tubes:
    • There are multiple options on the market for push tubes. Most push tubes start around $220 but can go up to $330 depending on what sort of features or specifications you or your ATV/UTV needs.
  • Mounting Brackets:
    • "All Mount" brackets start at $79.95
    • ATV/UTVs that cannot use the "All-Mount" bracket will need model specific kits that typically cost about $150
  • Lift Kits/Winches:
    • Manual lift kits start at about $140
    • Winches start at $206.95 for a 1700 lb. line pull and go up to $399.95 for a 4500 lb. line pull

Saturday, November 8, 2014

We've found the light!

The LED light to be exact. We've gone green with more energy efficient LED lighting and brightened up the showroom in the process! Stop by to see the shop in a whole new light.

New Winter Services at Moto Strada!

With cold weather on its way, there's all sorts of small engines that need to either be stored for the warmer months or resuced from the back of the shed for winter use. We have a great article on winterizing your scooter already on the blog. 

But what about that generator or snowblower that's been collecting dust all summer? All that time sitting can cause running problems when you need your generator or snowblower the most. With predictions of a cold and snowy winter ahead, you'll want to be prepared before the first storm.

Moto Strada is now offering new services for winter to help you get your snowblowers and generators up and running and ready when you need them. Often a carburetor cleaning is all you need to get a machine that's been sitting back in good running condition. 

This winter don't let your snowblower or generator fail you, call today to set up a service. We will be offering a lower labor rate of $45/hour cash plus cost of parts if necessary. For an additional fee we can come to you! We'll pick up your snowblower or generator anywhere in the immediate area and return it to you when the job is done, saving you the heavy lifting and hassle of transit. 

Have another small engine that needs repair? Maybe a lawnmower blade or chainsaw chain that needs sharpening? Give us a call, we will also be taking in other machines on a case-by-case basis.

(A note about parts availability:  While Moto Strada has access to a wide variety of parts for various machines and manufacturers, we will not guarantee that we will have access to ALL parts for all machines.  Certain off-brand machines may have no parts availability which may impede our ability to satisfactorily repair a piece of equipment.  Please bear this in mind when scheduling servicing or pick-up and be prepared to let us know up-front who makes your machine.)

Winterizing Your Scooter

As the temperature drops, many people put their scooters away until warmer weather returns.  However, scooters that sit for the winter months unattended often require work in the spring that could have been easily prevented.  To save yourself some time and money this spring, here are a few items to consider purchasing so you can take preventative measures and properly winterize your scooter.  

  • Battery Tender: A battery tender is a year-round scooter essential that will keep your battery charged and your scooter running.  It is especially important in the winter when you aren't out riding your scooter on a regular basis.  Batteries lose charge particularly over prolonged periods of time like the winter months.  At Moto Strada we sell the Yuasa Smart Shot 900 Battery Charger/Maintainer which has cables on one end that attach to your battery and the other end can be plugged into a standard wall outlet.  The tender will charge and maintain your battery without over-charging.  You could literally keep the tender plugged in and on your scooter all winter without worrying about over-charging.  Then, come spring, your battery will be in just as good a shape as it was before winter.
  • Fuel Stabilizer Treatment: We have experienced customers who have had scooters that have sat for a month or longer.  As a result, their fuel went bad.  When fuel goes bad it can clog the jets in a scooter's carburetor and the scooter won't run properly.  So if your scooter is going to sit over the winter, take preventative measures by adding a fuel stabilizer treatment solution.  At Moto Strada we sell StarTron Enzyme Fuel Treatment which stabilizes fuel for up to two years, removes gum and varnish, rejuvenates stale fuel and keeps your scooter running smoothly.  One bottle can treat up to 48 gallons of gas and is safe for all two and four stroke engines. 
  • Mouse Trap: A bit of an offbeat suggestion but definitely practical, a mousetrap will keep your scooter's wiring harness safe during it's winter sojourn in your shed or garage.  Many people store their scooters in places which are also a perfect home for a mouse in the frigid winter months.  And like many rodents, mice love to gnaw on things- like your scooter's wiring harness (or any other ropes or cables you might have in your preferred storage space).  Setting up a couple mouse traps could end up saving you a lot of money if you catch the little guy before he dines on your various cables, wires and ropes.
Stop by Moto Strada today to pick up your winterizing supplies and save yourself time and money this spring!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Fall Scooter Savings & Specials

REMINDER NOTICE: to those who have not seen this post. We only have a few NON Currents left in our inventory. They have been moving out in the last month. If your looking to SAVE BIG see listed below - DON'T Wait Any LONGER. 

Those of you who came in after we sold the model you had your eyes on. Sorry we can only have one buyer per scooter at these prices. 

All scooters listed on this page are BRAND NEW and UNDER WARRANTY. Call us to talk about the benefits of buying local and ways buying from Moto Strada can save you time and money on accessories, apparel and all future service work.

* Pricing or MSRP is on only the price of the Unit, Freight, Tax, Tags, Title, Assemble are not included below. WE DO NO CHARGE ( $200.00 ) DOC FEES LIKE OTHER DEALERSHIPS!! The OTR (out the door) price will very from unit to unit and in-state (MARYLAND) or out of state sales (since we don't collect out of state fees - this is up to the customer).

2012 Vespa GTS 300 Super - Only 1 Left!
Fall Sale Special $5,499.00* (normally $6,199.00)
*** Taxs, Tags, Freight $350 and Assembley $75 Not Included *** 

2012 Kymco Like 200i - ONLY 1 Left!
$1,924 Sale Price* (save $775!) $2,699 MSRP 

2009 Kymco People S 250 - ONLY 1 Left!
$3,424 Sale Price* (save $1,075!) $4,499 MSRP

2012 Kymco People GTi 300 - ONLY 1 Left!
$4,024 Sale Price* (save $1,375!) $5,399 MSRP

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